Do you Make These Mistakes Trying to Lose Fat?

Once you know how to listen to what your body wants, you must then interpret the cravings to give your body what it needs to start losing abdominal fat.
9) Don’t Drink your Calories – stop drinking calories. Sodas, Sweetened Teas and Lattes, Juice, all of these are liquid sugar going straight to those love handles. If you have an addiction to Soda, try drinking Soda water or Stevia sweetened beverages. Try your Lattes with Low fat milk and no sweetener. Replacing high calorie beverages with no calorie beverages alone can be what you’ve been needing to get over that weight loss slump.
So why, when the going gets tough, do you reach for a chocolate bar? Your complex relationship with food starts very early in life. From childhood you learn to associate stress reduction with eating and drinking. A baby’s blood-sugar level falls if they are hungry. They cry and scream, are fed and feel better. Children are given food when they are upset or sad. They are also offered or denied food as a reward or punishment, reward or comfort.
Take a walk. Take a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes after each meal. If it pretty outside, take the walk outside. If not, then walk on a treadmill. You will want to walk around 2.5 mph in order for the exercise to work. This will burn off some of the calories instead of storing them as fat.
There are a lot of excuses people use for not eating breakfast, and again, not enough time is the most used excuse. Some people claim eating breakfast makes them feel sick, or that they don’t like breakfast foods. Well the fact of the matter is, you don’t always have to have a bowl of cereal or toast and eggs. You can have a half of whole-wheat bread or bagel with some peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese with some fruit. You can even have low-fat yogurt with berries and some high fiber cereal. And as stated above a fruit smoothie is also a really good choice and takes only minutes to make.
Many people try a low GI diet in hopes of losing weight. There maybe some potential problems with the GI diet, according to Maria Collazo-Clavell, M.D of the Mayo Clinic. Guidance on valuable strategies in nutrisystem meals. The GI scale doesn’t take all understanding carbohydrates factors into consideration, nor does it consider nutrient content or food combination factors, Collazo-Clavell reports.
I knew exactly what my riding partner was talking about. Before my ride last year I made sure that I spoke with successful long distance cyclist to make sure I knew the in and outs of enduring a trek like 650 miles. Especially since I have never preformed something this hard and long before. The topic of nutrition was very high on my list of topics that i wanted to find out more about since I have also been subject to a bonking episode. Once during my first 100 mile charity bike ride where it started around he 75 mile mark. Hall of fame hockey player Pat Lafontaine still has a few chuckles over this since it was during his charity ride. I knew I had messed up when those cold sweaty dizzy feelings came over me.
Build muscle. Weight by weight, muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat. For that reason, when you are in survival mode your body tends to shed muscle before fat. If you increase the amount of muscle on your body in means your body has to burn more calories to maintain itself. Adding lean muscle to lose weight is an excellent way to be fit and slim.weight loss, health and fitness, popular diets, health, nutrition, diseases and conditions, supplements, diabetes, health & fitness, sugar disease